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You can't win
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From VegaPank

Shinobu is very angry and revealing the secret behind Oden’s naked dance

Orochi complains about what they did to his grandfather

Others wanted to pursue justice and kill Kurozumi family
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From 5ch
Oden ask Kaido: I want a chance, I can’t die yet
Nothing on the traitor
Him dancing naked was to save the people that was captured when he got into the Orochi castle , the deal was he can save 100 lives per dance
Oden said if he can endure the boiling for the time they decided, then they have to let those who are still alive go.
Kaido: we’ll see if you endured it for 60 min
Oden got in, the others tried to follow him but Oden stopped them.
Then the execution starts, with Oden holding onto the platform the others are staying on.
(only about 5 min pasts, continues next week)
Raizou: I feel like I could die just from the heat alone.
Neko: Oi Raizou! I'll tie you up if you keep making those useless feeble remarks. We're lucky we've been just allowed to ride above it you bastard!
Denjiro: Neko! stop moving! the vibrations will go to the bottom!!
Oden: Ha Ha ..
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It's a bit broken and not a lot of text but translated it regardless.

Even whilst losing everything he had, he did it because every time he danced he could save a 100 lives.

I was infuriated! but I convinced myself to believe in the promise I made with the two that they'd depart from this country in 5 years after the ship they were building was completed. (missing a bit of context here, so might be a bit off. Not sure who exactly is speaking here)

He continued to protect you all/this country!!! So, who's the foolish lord?! I dare you to say it again!!!
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Random dude in crowd: In the end even the foolish lord couldn't win against Kaidou and I even thought that his strength was legit if anything. What the hell was he then?
Oden: I'd like a chance!! I must live no matter what.
Shinobu: And then what he brought to the room were tributes to Kaidou!! a large amount of weapons and several hundreds of kidnapped men and women.
*Flashback*: I'm either going to sell them, play with them or kill them"
"Shinobu": Master Oden was infuriated!! but then Orochi made a suggestion.
*Flashback*(Orochi): Do you want to stop the kidnappings? Even if you go to war with us, (you will bear tremendous loses/what you'd lose will be tremendous).
Shinobu: The enemy were avengers who never really had an interest in this country in the first place*. To lose something so big as a result of this battle is/was...(the rest is cut off)

Shinobu: Oden agreed to the terms!. Every week at a fixed time if he danced naked as an apology to the Kurozumi clan, even if he lost everything he had, each time he danced he could save a 100 lives. He believed in the promise he made with the two that they'd depart from this country in 5 years after the ship they were building was completed!!! all the whilst confirming every week in each in each town if there were any changes!!!
Shinobu: All this time, Master Oden has continued to protect this country!!! So who's the foolish lord?! I dare any of you to say it again!!!!
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