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He never planned to retreat. He just didn't want to ally with Luffy because his previous allies betrayed him. He wanted to do things his own way. He just coincidently ended up crossing Luffy/Law on his way to Onigashima with his ambition to take his revenge on Kaido and take his people back. It wasn't part of his plan to ally with them and isn't ally with them until proven wrong
This. I thought it was pretty obvious last chapter.

I'm not too sure if people are this dumb or just looking for small little things to shit on One piece.


Are you saying Luffy elepahnt gun isn't a big enough dick to out into this contest.

Like people are gonna start using this panel to say Luffy’s gear fourth is equal to base Kid and base law and I'm not for that shit
It's similar to Sabaody when Luffy used G3. Did Luffy need Kid and Law help to defeat those marines? Even Luffy alone was enough even without using any gear. Those 3 just want to compete with each other.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Is that it? Luffy no longer has a time limit on hear fourth?

If thats the point then why have Kyoshiro and these other guys destroy the galleons and end the fight quickly without showing gear fourth no longer has time limit.

Wouldn't it have been better to show his in actual prolonged fight
Not time limit but that g4 is taking less toll on him now.

You can see like this - in Enies, Luffy took out g2.ans g3 as last resort. But after ts, he was casually taking that our implying it's under control and not talking much toll on him.

Something similar is happening with g4 here
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