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Yeah strongest Postponer


I hope Oda show Heat Killer (his normal gears ) Wave in this chapter

Capone cover story was a wasted potential
Just like Oda decided to have Capone get less credit for WCI plot
That's what happen when you are the best and nobody is on your level. Remember, the champion doesn't have to prove he is really to fight the contender. It's the opposite. If the contender can't even push to champion to a serious level then there is no reason to continue the battle. Put it off for a later time to give the contender time and a chance to grow stronger.
When the Captain trio flex backfires, cause people powerscale the shit outta a ship.. Lol

Punk load looks promising. I wasn't sure whether Kid would end up as a caster type like Magneto or as a body enhancer type. Guess it's the latter.
I can already see how it is meant to be very powerful. Thick ass metal arms, while he himself remains very fast with the ability to fly or rather levitate via his df ability. That's a nice combi. Much better than a complete robot transformation. He would basically get the best out of both worlds. Feels like Kuri's block/squard mochi on roids.
Seems like parallels Boundman.

And Luffy uses Boundman totally casually, damn. So he now can switch in and out and/or in general might have lengthen the otherwise beforehand time limit by a considerable amount. Which means he might have haki left for those advCoA attacks w/o receiving any noticeable drawbacks, hmm. Nooice.

That twist about the port is pretty funny tho. Kinemon casually becomes a legendary master strategist. Those scabbards tho. Did not think that Oda could make md care for all of them, but he did..
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