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Chopper: where are the 3000 men from Prisoner Mine?!
Shishilian: they are not here
Sanji: 200 men from Yakuza of different regions
Franky: There’re 200 men from Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and 200 men from Atama mountain bandits at Itachi Port!!
Usopp: The dozens of ships we fixed with them should have came as well!!
Zoro: And we took an immense amount of weapons enough for everyone to use from Ringo
Nami: has there been any problems—?!

Eten's translation
A full page is strawhats talking and it's all FUCKIN EXPOSITION
Sanji already said that Zeus chose food over loyalty like 70 chapters ago
Well,,, it's logical.. since it's a homie from Big Mom soul in the first place... Big Mom cares more about food than loyalty... in fact her actions in WCI by betraying Vinsmoke tells you she's not a person who's 100% loyal... so her soul should mimic her... where they choose food over loyalty...
People can hate it... but it's logical nonetheless
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