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Chopper: wow they so cool

Zoro: seeing them fight is depressing. damn I am nowhere near their league.

Franky: they are monsters

Usoop: yeah! It's good that we have Sanji here. Only he is strong enough to take on these monsters

Sanji: sigh...why they are fighting? Even With their strength together they can't even kill my boredom

Nami: listen you three, Sanji is getting bored so finish Beast pirates quickly.
Fixed it for you. We don't hype fainters, Reborn. Don't disrespect the true Monsters in this series :pepedoffy:.
Zoro doesnt lose his fights. He's not like Luffy who fights the same guy for multiple rounds and then wins. Zoro fights Daz bones who he cannot even injure the same way luffy fights Crocodile who he also canot even injure but the difference is Oda makes sure Zoro wins there and then. No multiple rounds.

If Zoro literally cannot beat king by himself then Oda just won't make him fight king. Simple as that.

And all the head canons in the world will explode.
So you’re saying he doesn’t wanna make zoro look bad/get humbled to protect the fragile egos of his audience?


The Road To Harmony
All the Strawhats are here! :super:
And they are wearing some nifty outfits. Luffy, Nami, Sanji, and Franky look especially great. It’s clever how Nami’s climatact looks like she’s wielding a naginata. A weapon typically used by the onna-bugeisha (female samurai).

And Luffy’s indeed wearing a cape like Shanks. A great figurative reminder he’s approaching Shank’s level as a pirate.

And all the topknots are gone. We’ve already seen what it means for Luffy, since he can now put on his strawhat on his head again. And Zoro’s gonna be wearing his bandana soon. :hurry:
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