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This chapter looks epic. Finally all the Straw Hats are back together, and we get to see Luffy, Law and Kid in action. Luffy looks fucking sick with that coat on, getting serious Roger vibes, and Nami looks great with the armor on. Oda continuing that Rouge -> Nami dynamic with that flower in Nami’s hair, too. Funny how, as Oda makes Luffy more Roger like, he insists on making Nami more Rouge-like ;).

Chopper: where are the 3500 men from Prisoner Mine?!
Shishilian: they are not here
Sanji: 200 men from Yakuza of different regions
Franky: There’re 200 men from Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and 200 men from Atama mountain bandits at Itachi Port!!
Usopp: The dozens of ships we fixed with them should have came as well!!
Zoro: And we took an immense amount of weapons enough for everyone to use from Ringo
Nami: did something happened—?!
Welcome Zeus. :cheers:
So you’re saying he doesn’t wanna make zoro look bad/get humbled to protect the fragile egos of his audience?
I'm saying characters are written in different ways.

Are you saying Luffy's fights work the same way as Sanji's or Ussop's? No right? Unless you haven't noticed that these character's fights are different after 900 chapters.

So once again, unless Oda presents very clear evidence that he wants to change the way he's been writing this sword characters for the last 900 chapters then I'm not just going to jump on a band wagon.

When Luffy is stops fighting the main villain over multiple rounds or when Sanji stops fighting villains involving trickery or when Ussop stops running away in a fight. When all this stops and its very clear that Oda is changing his style, that's when I will say "Maybe Oda is gonna change Zoro's style of fights too"
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