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Just because Weevil and Bakkin are being hunted down by the Marines doesn't mean they can't still show up on Sphinx island at any point. And Marco going to war means there's a likelihood he might not even comeback at all for it.
Yes I am sure that when Marco told Nekomamushi that he couldn't come to Wano he meant it. Even with the warlords being hunted by the marines Weevil is still a very strong threat to Sphinx Island.
Maybe the message he told Neko to give to Luffy instead carry a clue about the next RP.
Yup Luffy needs Gear fourth to destroy a galleon and Kid only needs so big hand attack.

Yup this is all true
Thats not what i said, i was talking about the fact that the only time kidd was shown losing was againsta a yonko and someone in a yonko crew whom we can infer is probably one of the commanders. Thats not a bad track record to say that he may be about equal to luffy dont you think?
Rayleigh said that haki blooms in intense battles. Instead of prepping for it kidd went into the new world and underwent trial by blood theere for the two years luffy trained. It wouldnt surprise me in the least if he was luffy's equal and also already knew advance coa.


Lazy is the way
Slow but steady he will be a Germa .

Maybe the RS is affecting him
It would have been awesome if the RS made him a lot stronger but made him loose his emotions like his bros. And he would have begun to attack his enemy and killing them and also hurting friends who would have been in his way (like Nami). That is why he would have chosen in the end to destroy it.
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