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Let's see :

Needed to use a combined attack of :

Law large room
Kidd attack

To destroy a ship

Meanwhile :

Zoro Wakes up ===> ship( Galeon) sended to the abyss
@Topi Jerami

With this conclusion Zoro's AP after the timeskip is ridiculously insane
You know what flex is, right? They are holding back even destroying Armada and competing each other in destroying ships around. By your logic Nami is above Zoro too given his AP with Zeus as well.
:seriously:Are people comparing Fodder ship to Kaido ship?


Just like at Sabaody , where kidd has his own g3 tier attacks .
Post ts: Kidd has his own g4 where he uses both of his arms and bulks up

Metallic Kidd ~ G4 boundman , base kid ~ g2/3 luffy.
Base Kata ~ G4 snakeman

I guess Weevil ~ G4 Tankman?
if you gonna keep it a buck
king's feat with big mom's ship is looking good rn.
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