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Thats the point really. The potrayal however relevant people believe it to be. Has been consistent for a while now. Oda already given himself the leeway to logically pull it off. Its just a matter of if he will or not.

-Kid being featless allows him any recourse.

-Law ran into doffy/fuji, before his solo fight.
People think it's wank while it isnt

Kidd was YC level as rookie since he fought a SC over a year ago! He fought RHP as rookie too.

Oda can make Kidd punk load ~ boundman as he wants since kidd only clear 1 v 1 L is from Kaido (top 1) same with Luffy.

Pre ts : both use their best attacks bs fodders
Post ts : both use their best forms vs fodders

Law already could fight both Doffy and Fuji for a while, law only issue is stamina and physical strength, he isnt like Kidd & lufft
But law is there with them via hax skills.

While weakened he pushed doffy (+trebol help) to mid diff

Current Law can beat queen/king who are slightly above/equal to Cracker/doffy
oda making all three equal will be bs .
people are so quick to forget how much the community gutted luffy after beating katakuri suggesting he wasnt stronger than cracker, katakuri or even doffy after their fight ended. Then he grew while law did what?
clashed with hawkins
and now off a boat panel they are equal
what a can of bs.

yall want to see feats until it comes to your fav , then you disregard it all together. law went all out against doffy. thinking he didnt is classic denial.
How do you know Kidd wasn't training?
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