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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Why does Luffy need Gear 4 to destroy a battleship when he did not need Haki or gear 4 to do it pre timeskip as shown below.

As shown below, Luffy was nerfed post timeskip.

Inb4 you start coming up with "Luffy got weaker since ts" lmao

They just want to show off and finish it quickly...

No wonder Kaido said "they are bunch of kids playing pirate games" LoL
Told yall kinemon is the most important scabbard
Even denjiro knows whos boss

And no you don't have to be the smartest to be leader
If thats the case luffy, kid, the yonko, etc wouldn't
How is kinemon most important? Denjiro is the one who solved Yasu message and changed area saving everyone. He also just released the people from the capital adding another 1000 forces. Make sense bro.
Yo Yasu figured there were traitors the guy was genius .Denjiro guessed it out and changed the plan !
Hmm not really, Yasuie tried to change the plan but Kinnemon misunderstood it. Which indirectly led to the reveal of the traitor, Denjiro even says that Kin changed Yasuie's message on purpose but Kinnemon says he was just mistaken by it.
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