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We dont know what law did lol... Clashing with Hawkins obviously wasn't the extent of his power he won. On top of u already not knowing how strong Hawkins actual is.
No whats denial looking at DR arc, seeing the below. Then being special enough to think Law somehow wasn't affected at all. Nobody claims he did try his hardest, the claims always been hes heavily weakened.
fine and dandy
current luffy however is leagues above what he was in dressrossa which was already comparable or better than law tired, nerfed or not.
No idea how strong hawkins is?
here is a hint.
hawkins with one life left aint as strong as katakuri. neither does this chapter confirm anything in regards to him improving drastically from his last predicament.
you cant claim he's equal under the assumption that he has trained or hasnt gone all out.
you see him go all out then you make that conclusion. Imo he showed all his cards against doffyand possibly could have done better if he hadnt exhausted some energy earlier but I still see him losing that fight.
expecting people to accept that as an argument is weak.
Kin is legit the most highlighted not even counting overall in the story
All the scabbards (denjiro and ashura included) and orochi himself has highlighted his impact and leadership
What impact? His plan would of failed horriblly if not for Denjiro being way smarter than him. Denjiro joined the same exact time Kinemon did. You can't even say he was first mate. Denjiro is shown schooling scabbards, took care of hyori, Matched 2 sword style Zoro. Freed 1000 samurai. He also stronger then Kinemon
What if Kidd, Law, Sanji, and Zoro vs King and Queen together and Luffy get Jack with Dukes as warm up fight before final battle be Luffy, Law, and Kidd? Feel it he possible there.
Jack would be one shot by Luffy in G4 Boundman, so he would not be a good opponent.

DRESSROSS G4 Boundman made Big Mom use haki combined with her devil fruit to stop it.

Big mom without haki drestroy queen think about that.
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