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Kinnemon wasn't smart, he didn't understand Yasu's message and indirectly made the traitor reveal himself. Pretty sure he thought all ships were indeed destroyed, Denjiro even asks if Kinnemon actually planned this but he denies and says he was mistaken.
oh please , read the tanslation :D of the last panels and apologize !!!! lol
fine and dandy
current luffy however is leagues above what he was in dressrossa which was already comparable or better than law tired, nerfed or not.
He progressed in an arc, laws offscreen. Ur acting like this is rocket science, a simple he trained statement thrown in mid arc. all that'd be needed to justify comparable growth.
No idea how strong hawkins is?
here is a hint.
hawkins with one life left aint as strong as katakuri.
He doesn't need to be. Laws growth isn't Luffy's, an like already told to u. Specific stat increases for law can take him much further then others...
neither does this chapter confirm anything in regards to him improving drastically from his last predicament.
you cant claim he's equal under the assumption that he has trained or hasnt gone all out.
Haven't made any of those claims. Only that its possible he got stronger. Tho theres clear evidence hes significantly weakened against doffy. the manga itself showed it.
you see him go all out then you make that conclusion. Imo he showed all his cards against doffyand possibly could have done better if he hadnt exhausted some energy earlier but I still see him losing that fight.
expecting people to accept that as an argument is weak.
Lol when stalling a top tier, an YC, Just exhausting some of ur energy lol.... thats actual the weak argument. I mean how dumb do u sound dismissing the exhaustion from stalling 2 people, literally stronger then u. With one being one of the most powerful figures in the world.
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