Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 977 : "The Party Won't Start Now"

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One Piece - Chapter 977
Title: The Party Won't Start Now

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I guess we are reaching the conclusion of Bege’s cover story. I wonder where it would lead us to:bamathink:

« Finally together at 10 » does that means that Jinbe is the last nakama?:hope:

What about Zoro’s nose in this arc? He is able to smell blood on people and now he is able to smell sake from far away
Even Sanji is surprised :quest::eeke:

Law already know that there is no point to discuss about plan with the strawhats :leohah::leohah:

Denjiro and Kinemon gag:denzimote::denzimote:

So it is clear that Zoro has mastered Enma now :hohoho:

So Killer is back and still laughing which means, if I follow some people logic, he will fight the war while nerf :crazwhat::kawak:

So I guess the powerlevel in the crew are :
Base Luffy with haki>=Jinbe without haki >= 2 swords Zoro without haki >= Brook>= Robin >= Base Sanji >= Franky > Usopp ~ Nami ~ Chopper :youcraz:

Which, when you take into consideration, the different boost, make perfect sense

As expected Jinbei doesn't give much of an explanation of how he returned, maybe there is something more to that than what he says but we shall see.

It's at least very nice to see the whole Straw Hats crew reunited though the happiness is not going to last.

Lol at Denjiro who still think that Kin'emon is a genius with Raizo even lampshading it.

I really want to see Smoothie and the other Charlotte girls in kimonos.

Kaido has a son, that was unexpected.
I am to see what kind of personnality he has. He may marry one of Mama's daughters to seal the alliance between the two Emperors.
A lot of meme potential in this chapter, Kinemon´s face, Raizo´s face when he looks through Kinemon.
Regarding Jinbe, this chapter felt too happy for there to be a secret behind his return, but we will see.

Only negative thing is Samurai´s surprise that a stupid gate and the guardians were destroyed, dude you are trying to take on Kaidou.
Kaido has a son? Whats going on here
Wonder if its a Momonosuke situation.
Imagine if Kaido got beat because his son got taken hostage this time...

The introduction of the flying six looked quite cool. Lets see what theyre made of. Also, I feel Killers gonna get a new epitaph after Wano, befitting his laughter. Rooting for him paying the beast pirates back.
Cant wait for the next chapter.


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I think the biggest catch in whole chapter isn't related to SHs but

1) Luffy talking about taking kaido first and then BM and orochi...

2) Kaido son which most likely will be taken down soon to rage Kaido

3) F6 getting highlight as big deal because kaido wants BM to see them.
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