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Luffy: Ah, Oshiruko. (Bean Porridge)
And he hears the talk of Kaido’s followers
Random Beasts Pirate: It seems that we cooked a lot this time and a part of it was returned to us.
Random Beasts Pirate 2: Fool, we can use it and eat it
while we drink sake!
Just throw it away! This soup
tastes so drunk!
Random Beast Pirate: Just throw it at the town of The Remains!
Random Beasts Pirate Member: Haha! These
beggars should be grateful to us because they are alive
Luffy: ...
(remembers about Tama)
Otama: This is the first time I've had this
Otama: Yes! What a fancy food, I'm never going to have a -text cuts out
(Correct me if anything is wrong thanks)
From @DBHypeX on Twitter

>>> Robin: We'll become dirtied by dust if we ride the battle car (??), let's proceed on foot.
Jinbe: This group is still as lively as always. In a fight that doesn't even let one catch his breath, the person who can grasp the battle situation will become the victor.
Robin: You're so mature, it puts me at ease.
Jinbe: I want to be useful in this initial battle!
Shadowy figure: ......
From @DBHypeX on Twitter

>>> Luffy: Those bastards (referring to kidd's group) don't even know what Kinemon's battle plans are! Alright, i'll go and stop them! Don't worry!
Nami and co: This will definitely result in an even greater ruckus!
Jinbe: But Roronoa Zoro said...
Zoro: Letting Luffy go will only add to the ruckus! I'll go stop him!
Nami and co: He's definitely going to get lost!
Kaidou: Yh, I don't mind. Let's go to the hall later.
Kaidou: We put aside formalities and the likes for today!!
Kaidou: I planned to have you all meet Lilin, but she's apparently still changing her clothes......so let's do that later.
Kaidou: There was a bit of an incident so I made you guys wait a bit.
Ulti: We're all worn out coz of that now, aren't we?!!
Page One: hey, stop it already!!!
Kaidou: Well that might be the case, but it wasn't like I summoned you all to come together or nothing
Who's Who: What?! In that case who called for us?
King: It was I!!
F6: ?!
King: Kaidou-san, It was I who called.
Kaidou: King
Who's Who: King...!! So we were called together for you business?!
King: If I summoned you all with my name, there are a few of you that won't come, (or am I wrong?/isn't that right?)
King: Who's Who, Sasaki
(*Part of the panel is cut off but most of this panel has already been translated before)
King: That's because (you/you all) are aiming for our All Star seats
Who's Who: This is an organization in which the strong rise to the top, so that's a given!
King: Know your place
Kaidou: Cut it out out, it's a festive day.
Kaidou: King, why did you summon these guys?
King: It's because I heard about your problem that happened a few moments ago...won't these guys be needed?
Kaidou: ... That's true... Baofan!! Tell me what's on the schedule for today!! (note: *not sure how his/her name translates to English)
Baofan: Alright~!!
Boafan: On the Golden Kagura stage where Queen~sama is currently running things, after this, we will have a toast for the 3 All Stars and Fukurokuju~sama!! Next, we'll have a few words from Orochi~sama and Kaidou~sama!! (*note: @EtenBoby @Leo what do y'all think of this bit, should it be "toast with" or "toast for")
Sanji: Regardless, let's leave those fools to their devices *hearts* and then rendezvous on the battlefield Nami-sa~n!! *hearts*
SHs and Shinobu: It's fully occupied!!
Sanji: !!
Sanji: Move aside Usopp!! Is that place supposed to be heaven or something?!
Usopp: If only you had a for knack for artillery. Give it up!
Sanji: Dang it...
Franky: Will you ride on the back?
Robin: Oh! I can ride? Thank you *hearts* **** (*note: translated the word robin used here ("ureshii") as "thank you" but it literally translates to "I'm happy". However the literal translation feels a bit weird to me personally, so I used a word I think is more appropriate. Anyways, the word she used here in this context is used to express delight)
Brook: Well in that case, I'll be in your care.
Franky: Like hell I was asking you!!! I was obviously asking the female!!

Nami: Hurray~! with this we can proceed safely.
Carrot: This is super cool cho~bro~*hearts*
Carrot: To think the Sunny had something like this onboard!!
Chopper: Leave it to me~! (*Chopper speaks with formal samurai speak here, something akin to ~de gozaru*)
Franky: Where did Luffy go?
Jinbe: Because Eustass Kid's possy charged in boldly from the front...
*flashback start*
Luffy: Those guys they don't even know Kin'emon's strategy!! Alright~! I'll go to stop them and come back. Y'all can relax.
*flashback end*
SHs: That will definitely lead to an unnecessarily massive uproar!!!
Jinbe: But Roronoa Zoro said the same thing and...
*flashback start*
Zoro: If it's Luffy he'd only end up creating an even bigger commotion. I'll go and stop him!!
*flashback end*
SHs: He's definitely going to get lost!!!
Kanjuro: From these guys perspective, I guess I'm just an enemy...
Kanjuro: Even though I have to go report to Orochi~sama about Kin'emon and the others as soon as possible, how do I return back to Orochi~sama?!
Momonosuke: ...
Momonosuke: ...
*Narration*: The enemy is still yet to realize advance of 5000+ soldiers.
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This didn't get translated it seems, so here's my share of work lol

Luffy: Where'd that Shaggy guy go to? (refers to kid)
Luffy: They don't even understand what this means for Oden...!! Going off like that and acting on their own!!

Kaidou: You lot wouldn't mind right?
King/Jack: Yeah absolutely not.
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jamjamstyle;4046964 said:
Thanks to @Scopper, managed to see the text that was cutoff, so here's the full tl.

Narrator: Pirate Law's submarine--
Narrator: Was advancing to the bottom of ocean with the red scabbards aboard.
Narrator: Kaido and Orochi were certainly in the castle!!

Narrator: Kanjurou, who took Momonosuke hostage, was supposed to be on his way to Orochi
Narrator: but as Kinnemon predicted, he had not reaced Orochi yet!
Kanjurou: This is the first time I've come to this place
Kanjurou: I had no idea it'd be this complex....!!
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