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Who Would Win?

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Certain people are insecure cuz a blonde that's stronger, cooler, and has better firepower than their candyboi appeared in the manga... Other people are Ace fans who are triggered that their boy got replaced by a smarter and stronger big brother

Ice my boy, it's just another day at Worst gen :kayneshrug:
Lmfao as usual with the candybois..i'm honestly not surprised
Uhhhhhhh when has Oda used Ace to make people like Sabo? The mf was mentioned only for the flashback of Sabo recovering his memories.. that's about it. The man gave Sabo a unique starting build up unlike any other in the manga in the flashback.

-> What part of Ace is connected to Sabo and his role in the RA?
-> What part of Ace is connected to Sabo and his choice to take on the Celestial dragons?
-> What part of Ace is connected to Sabo with his epic Do or Die moment in the Reverie?
-> What part of Ace is connected to Sabo with his clash against Fujitora?

Mera mera is the emotion towards Ace to make people like Sabo??

To me it feels like everybody who likes Sabo doesn't even give a fuck about Ace's role with Sabo. Yet everybody who bashes him seems to keep bringing up Ace over and over and over. Like homie there's a whole character of Sabo outside of Ace.
Basically EVERY important scene for Sabo is related to Ace in some way...shape or form!

1- He was introduced THORUGH Ace... meaning he didn't meet Luffy first

2- The second important moment was the Sake cup of brotherhood...

3- The third important event was him "getting his memory back" through Ace's news of death.. Oda wanting us to say "Uhhhh I'm crying like you Sabo.. I love you Sabo... don't worry" LOL

4- After getting back his memory... we see him in Dressrosa... what was his goal? not fucking meeting Luffy... NO FUCK THAT.. he could have met him with Robin when Robin headed to Saboady... this Asshole only came for Ace's DF...

5- Sabo saying "I will inherit your will Ace".. Great.. now not only you take same DF.. which is not unique.. now you supposedly inhereted his will? so can Blackbeard inherit Roger's will just because he says he will? LMAO.. but whatever.. it's a cheap way once again by Oda to make us empathize with Sabo

6- Eats the fruit... using "Fire Fist attack" on ring for us fans to say "Uhhh.. remeniscent of Ace AGAIN... we like you Sabo"

7- Ace vs Fujitora: Once again... Sabo says "I never want to feel that again" talking about Ace before clashing with Marines... Uhh we like You Sabo...

8- Sabo vs Burgess... nah... you cannot have it a normal fight.. you have to make Burgess insult Ace once again... so that Oda makes us fans cheer for Sabo.... Yeeeey.. we like you Sabo

9- Sabo finishes Burgess... then says Ace did not forgive you.... Uhhh Ace's spirit lives in Sabo... we like you Sabo

10- Blackbeard Pirates - Revs connection and Sabo (once again Oda trying to make us remember the Ace - BB)

11- There is terrible bad news about Sabo now after Reverie... Uhhh.. We like you Sabo... I hope he is safe and not captured by Marines like Ace had before


Literally every IMPORTANT moment of Sabo revolves around Ace... what are we talking about... Oda is using Fans sympathy and emotions towards Ace.. as way to make us like Sabo instead of making him separate entity that is loved because of who he is... and not because every god damn thing is circling back to Ace ...
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