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Who Would Win?

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That will be too much and a waste

Since both Pageone and Daifuku have previous beef with Sanji... and since this is a WAR... everyone can run into everyone....
I would rather have Pageone and Daifuku face DIFFERENT characters from our side.. and basically both Pageone and Daifuku are properly hyped character in a way that they were NOT Pushover weakling against Sanji... Rather they were really good...

So, I prefer to use this fact... in order to make someone else shine against them... I do not only care for Sanji... I care for our whole crew.. our whole alliance.. I want a GREAT WAR.. not a war that is focused on making only Luffy shine...

Like do you know what is probably the WORST THING Oda can make???

Luffy vs King (warm up before Kaido)
Kidd vs Queen (warm up before Kaido)

I swear, this is my most feared outcome... where Oda wants to demonstrate that Luffy and Kidd on similar level... by making Luffy and Kidd face the Duo Top commanders of Kaido... basically leaving Zoro and Sanji against opponents whom the outcome is SOOO EXPECTED LMAO

But yeah.. getting back to Page1 + Daifuku

Would be awesome if Oda used their clashes against Sanji to build them to face "Franky and Chopper"

Franky vs Daifuku (Same shoulders LOL)
Chopper vs Pageone (Both Zoan)
And basically Daifuku and Pageone are in similar ranks in Beast pirates and BMPs...
Well to be fair everybody expecting sanji and zoro to high diff king and queen so the obvious outcome is the same regardless who they fight :suresure:
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