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Who Would Win?

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I'm not sure honestly what I will do.... it depends on HOW MUCH I lost interest in the series....

But surely... I will not be as much interested in the series... I may not even participate in discussions here...meaning "fuck it, who cares"... I will just see how the series ends... and move on...I wouldn't care about discussion.. wouldn't care about theories cause "wy even make theory, when Oda fucks up EVERY PLOT PROGRESSION he ever created after timeskip?" Why even bother do this shit when Oda intentionally ever since timeskip... HE NEVER GAVE what the fans wanted??? Like who cares???

Like.. how many times after timeskip... how many arc ended in a satisfactory way????
1- Fishman Island? who cares
2- Punk Hazard? Who cares
3- Dressrosa? Meh (and SH Grandfleet are whatever.. wasted 50 chapters of space on people who are just increased number.. that SH can get like here in Wano at any arc Oda wants)
4- Zou? Oda just gave little info about how to get to One Piece... with Road Poneglyph.. and people started to get wet and orgasm.. and say best arc when it okay... NO INTESNSITY
5- WCI? First Yonko to enter her territory... turned out that ANYONE can get there and get out and a complete JOKE, Yonko massively got trolled... and don't forget... Big Mom annoying screaming "Weddddding CAAAAAKE"... yeah.. so entertaining.. really.. Kill me
6- Wano? So far MANY stupid shit being done.... and we are waiting for Climax which is the war we are in...

TWO YONKO are now there... allied as enemy... if Oda manages to fuck it up STILL.. and doesn't satisfy the fans... he's just a jerk of a writer who doesn't want to give the fans what they want... and HE KNOWS what they actually want... that's the problem.. it will just be intentional that he doesn't want to give ANYTHING that pleases the fans.. fuck them... just tease them.. give clues and hint about something... so that they make theories about it... then NEVER PAYS OFF... and just do something goes against what they want... just to be "OMG I'm unpredictable... no one saw this coming"
Yeah.. no one saw this shitty writing coming from you LOL

So yeah.. fuck it.. I will be happy as a casual reader... not interested in discussions.. not interested in anything other than know how it will end and move on...
Not gonna lie these last 2 arcs have been trash.
After marineford... I never got ANY TENSION from a single arc....
Not Fishman island
Not Punk Hazard
Not Dressrosa
Not Zou

And the excuse that many fans say that ALL OF THOSE arcs are leading to Wano's big war... if Wano war doesn't give me the "despair" and the "fear" and the "intensity" of villains I got from Akainu who blasted a whole in Ace's chest and WB... and was about to finish Luffy from being in the series

I do not want anyone to tell me the series is still good... isn't this supposed to be the war that will make Marineford Look cute? Give me ONE SCENE like the one where Luffy Snapped after Ace died... Give me one fucking moment where I felt "despair"...

Cause that NEVER HAPPENED TO ME... after timskip... NEVER.... NO INTENSITY... makes the series BORING AS FUCK...

This is exactly why I don't give a shit about Saitama fights and think that mostly they are boring... I don't care how much power he's got... or his dumb faces.. or how much animation Quality OnePunch Man has.... It makes me bored when I see no intensity or struggle.. fuck that show
I agree completely, this show has lost its luster, wano felt like a vacation. Kaido was only seen 4 TIMES in the whole arc, only interracted with the SHs once. I dont feel anything going into the war. And i bet a lot of people do, which is why they think that the alliance can win. Why wouldnt they? When the sense of dread and tension is practically nonexistent. Oda will just magic everything away. Im so sad one piece fell so hard.
If togashi was consistent in his schedule, hunter x hunter would eclipse one piece by a huge marging. Im just here to see what the one piece is, then im out.
The Alliance goin win tension or not but i get your point
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