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So Apoo attacked Luffy twice yet Luffy isn't damaged.

Apoo was too fast for zoro and cut him badly in one blow lol

Both ran? Apoo schooled both base and Emma Zoro

The same Zoro who is >DR Law/Zoro
The same base Luffy ~ Dr g2 Luffy

People still think Doffy is superior than Cracker coz Doffy with help was handling g2 Luffy and DR Law Lol

Apoo handled Wano Base-Luffy and Emma Zoro
So I guess I should rate Apoo above Cracker too coz he handle it 2 SN right?

Luffy is KO after 2nd Apoo kaboom
This is funny. Zoro was hit by an attack and all of the sudden he sucks. Luffy with FS couldn't dodge Appo attack and even an Admiral was caught off guard by his attack. This chapter shows us how hax Appo attack is and that makes sense. His attack uses sound which is really hard to predict or follow. His attacks travels at the speed of sound

The manga already showed us what Zoro is required for Zoro to fall post TS. He has to have the same level starvation that cause Luffy to pass out. He needs to spend about a week eating poisonous food. Luffy couldn't even handle eating one poison fish and even a poison DF user has to spend 12 hours on the toilet from eating poisonous food. On top of all of that he has to be hit while distracted.

Now, Zoro tanks another hit while Luffy is KO. But of course the fanboys are going to once again make an insignificant attack into a significant attack.

Gol D. Roger

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Ok its official...
.both Luffy and Zoro stop dreaming about becoming PK and WSS......

Luffy wasted a hell of time fighting Katakuri to gain FS only to get clowned left and right....[/QUOT
It's a well knows fact that the PK and WSS duo doesn't perform well against tricky opponents. Failing to see Apoo's attacks is no reason to shit on them.


@playa4321 even Sanji wasn't getting damaged this badly many times in WCI

Zoro has suffered Ls bigger than Sanji did at WCI

Even Enma Zoro who trained can't protect himself or dodge Apoo lol
At least it was Base Sanji suffering LS at WCI

Should we rate Apoo above Kata and Cracker too since He handled a much stronger version of base Luffy and Zoro (who got Enma)?
People wank Doffy for fighting DR Luffy and Law yet Apoo handles wano zoro and Luffy easily


I guess Kidd is Top tier for handling Apoo who is above Doffy and Cracker lol

:funky:Kata would never be tagged by Apoo, his skills and df are better than Luffy.

Luffy> Apoo>Zoro confirmed

It takes 2 attacks but Luffy was fine while zoro in one blow suffered more than Luffy
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