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btw ... beast Pirates are FUCKED UP AS A CREW

Kaido : a drunk ruler who don't give a fuck about his land

All Stars : they have problem with Flying 6

Flying 6 : they have problem with All Stars

Numbers : bunch of drunk stupid monsters

how in the fuck name this crew can function ???
Because of Kaido strength that's it.
That's the only reason why this crew have survived years and years in NW... People fear Kaido not because his crew is powerful but causer Kaido himself is hard to beat.

@playa4321 the more we learn about Beast pirates, the more Oda is pushing that Flyers and Calamities have internal issues and the gap in strength between them is small

Oda isn't really setting calamities apart from flyers whether in portrayal, authority,hype and power
3 calamities >= or ~ 6 Flyers
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