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You can't win
By the way this spoiler further prove that position in Beast Pirates is based on accomplishments to grow in ranks.

> We had the challenge situation to find Yamato to have a chance at becoming all-star
> Now we have another situation to beat Luffy/Zoro to have a chance at becoming Flying 6

So a new member like Hawkins could probably jump in ranks if he accomplished missions of this scale, just like Drake when he took part in destroying amigasa village 1 year ago
Kidd appears in the chapter. Luffy and Zoro get together, Apoo discovers them and reports it to Queen. Luffy begins rampaging. Kidd says they (we) should be able to relax a little now. Zoro appears, he originally wanted to calm Luffy down, but after learning the reason behind his anger, he gets mad as well. Queen wants to get rid of someone from the Tobbi Roppo, and then hand their vacated seat to whoever captures Luffy and Zoro.

Translation From @sMelly

Thanks to @Brix
Quuen is one of the strongest members of Beast pirates he must show why, he can't run to Kaido every time a strong enemy apear if that hapens then why are they in the crew, just for adding number(just like Kraker and Katakuri fought Luffy, they didn't run to call BM)?
We also don't know who he send after Luffy and Zoro, he can have some decent powerful subordinates who'm he trust or he can send some numbers.


Pepebusi Spammer
Queen knows Drake is a spy and want to get rid of him
I was said this earlier, and why i said this its because we need another plot for X-Drake spying mission. Because we knew that Queen had skill for making a weapon etc which is related to technology/device, so he might the one who making a smail too. *who knows.

And, i dont think X-Drake could do a clean spying mission especially from the yonko pirate group.
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