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So why are you talking about his promise ?
Zoro still standing. He took a damage yes like luffy you know the one who has the FS ? both are still standing.

It's not an excuse because we know zoro and luffy have difficulties against hax people but it's not at all a 1 vs 1. only sneak attacks.

Oda is just nerfing them badly to make others characters shine. Remember killer when he wounded zoro ? It was a good feat for killer to taking advantage of that situation and pierced Zoro, but what happened after that ? Zoro one shoted him.
Think about Apoo now. If Luffy or Zoro touch Apoo, it could be an one shot clean and simple.
Did you even actually read what I said....just nevermind have a great day
He isnt a snitch ffs. He was always on Kaido's side. And running from an admiral is being a coward ??! When Saboundy SHs ran away from Kuma....like... Come on. Apoo gets such unnesscary hate
Once pirates enter the new world, the strong willed defy Yonko and the weak willed work for them. Apoo chose to work for Kaido, that’s why I’m disappointed in him. And he’s still a snitch, even if he was on Kaido’s side the whole time.
With the whole Luffy COO comments, while he should realistically be able to see it coming, what use does that do if it’s not an attack you can dodge?

It seems like as long as you’re within Apoo’s sound range, he can immediately hit you with an attack. It’s not a projectile or anything that travels a specific path for you to see and dodge, so unless you know how his DF works, being able to predict the attack isn’t really helpful.
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