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I'm so tired with this underestimation of Strowhats. Beast pirates are even more dumbass than Big Mom pairets, at least Big Mom pairets didn't know what Luffy is capable and his strength, but beast are very well aware that Luffy defeated Cracker and Katakuri in one day, that he successfully escaped Big Mom territories etc. In this situation Queen should personally attack Luffy and send someone to report Kaido but instead he's planning his own scheme, fack that shit.
One week chapter one week break, its most likely always like that until Covid-19 getting better. At least in Japan.
How is Japan doing rn with the Coronavirus?
I honestly stopped following the media like a month ago. All they do is create panic and spread false information.
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Damn apoo wanted the smoke with luffy no fear and people sleeping on him? Stoppppp
He would've gotten his ass one shotted
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