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Did people really believe Queen won't be the first to fall?
That Luffy/Kidd wouldn't get to have Commanders as hype tools?

Queen's fate was sealed a long time ago,
He is getting beaten by Luffy or kidd if Luffy let's Kidd handle him.
Queen will be demoted or killed. Someone is replacing him.

That was obvious that Queen will fall first then King then Jack last!

Apoo vs Kidd or Killer will happen.

Zoro will fight a flyer in process

Sanji was never gonna fight Queen solo.
Zoro might not fight King too.
lol jack
Its not about hunger. It's about luffy and zoro being there when otama was enjoying the red been stuff
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Remember how pissed Zoro was when he found about Ebisu town suffering, they were forced to eat defective smiles because of hunger and here they are wasting food, also laughing when they want to cry Sheesh, no wonder Zoro is pissed
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