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General of the Night
Lol relax. Caping a lil too hard for zoro here.

If anything this looks like another classic oda where he’s placing the plot over everything else. As there is no way zoro and luffy getting washed by apoo. I mean even tho they have no idea of his ability the way the spoilers are indicating it it seems they both got washed which I doubt. I’ll just wait for the confirmed spoilers and panels cuz this ain’t it.
The spoilers were from Redon so it's real.


Finally Oda gives Apoo the respect he deserves as supernova. Sick seeing supernova as fodder character without relevance. This is Apoo hype and if Kidd defeats Apoo it will be Kidd's hype too. Now waiting for Hawkin to appear again to show more of his cards.

Does Luffy get koed or is Luffy just sleeping because Brook in his first fight as SH (against Duval's subordinate IIRC) also made his enemies go to sleep.


:moonwalk: this is the first time Luffy has been used as Hypetool for another SN

Oda used not once but both the Captain and his firstmate to hype Apoo

Where are those that said Apoo is below Drake/p1?

P1 : RS Sanji's hypetool
Drake : not impressive vs Basr Sanji
Kamazou : Zoro's hypetool
Hawkins : Law's hypetool
Zoro : Hawkins's Hypetool
Luffy and Zoro : Apoo's hypetool
Apoo : Kidd's hypetool

Kidd is gonna wreck the strongest SN under Kaido.
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