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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Yeah they are still incompetent, they made a PRISON a training camp for someone they were supposed to break their spirits.
Jack failed to do his job even with some inside information, Queen's antics at Udon with Luffy and Kid were laughable
This is not HxH.
And yet Oda uses a gag to save alliance. You say all this and yet Oda has made the beast pirates so prepared that only RANDOM FUCKIN LUCK can save the alliance
I’m actually starting to flip on this. It seems like the worse he makes her look now, the more he’s going to eventually have to redeem her.

But if that’s the case, why drag it out?
Coz the alliance are screwed even he doesn't lolz....They can't realistically take out the combined force of two Yonkou crews at once so Oda is splitting their forces. Also Oda had Luffy say he was gonna be taking out Kaidou -> BM -> Orochi a few chapter ago, so maybe Oda intends for Luffy and the gang to take out the Beast pirates first before the Big Mom pirates
And yet Oda uses a gag to save alliance. You say all this and yet Oda has made the beast pirates so prepared that only RANDOM FUCKIN LUCK can save the alliance
Yes mate because that's how Oda writes, he made the second fall of BMP a gag, he made a broken ship be able to avoid a Buster Call, he also made a Buster Call with no victims... You see? If you are trying to find pure logic in One Piece you will obviously be disappointed with the stuff Oda does.
There isn’t much of a strong excuse for them not to try and claim up m, but still hard to leave the ship.
How many oeiplw do they need to keep the ship afloat though?

Like first of all the ship itself is alive and second of all there's sure fodder all over the place who can man the damn things

Why not take like 15 executives and leave the fodder on the ship
I prefer a fight between Justice vs justice with Fuji and Akainu than a fight between Akainu and Luffy or worst Sabo (and Sabo didn't want to revenge Ace I think he said that Ace made his own choice and it was his life).

I want adults to fight and fights that matter

I am also quite curious about the admirals and Dragon relationship. Because it is likely that dragon was a marine back in the days
For sure same here. Not a fan of the revenge fights of Luffy. Sabo I find semi-acceptable since I think he can provide some ideological counter to Absolute justice due to being RA's chief of staff, potentially have his own ideology to counter that, but this is just wishful thinking on my end though.

But like you I prefer Fujitora vs Akainu, Purple Tiger vs Red Dog, over the above two. It's a much much more compelling fight, and narrative wise has a better pay off when it comes to both of these characters, if we take into account they're potentially friends and have past history. With that said though, I'll only take this fight over the above, if Oda actually gives it highlighted time like he would for any other major fight. If we see verbal interactions between Saka & Fuji.
Don't understand the complaints here

(1) BMPs are not going to enter Kaido's territory without Big Mom. That's suicide. They just go the go ahead so they're proceeding.

(2) Marco was held up because of Weevil. The Reverie banned the Shichibukai, now they're being chased. Problem solved. This has been coming for a long time.

And as for people power scaling their shock...Wtf... People thought Marco was DEAD. Now all of a sudden he shows up to Kaido's territory out of nowhere.


There's no reason for Marco to prove superiority over character's everybody knows are below him ( smoothie).

Marco's fighting Top Tiers. Don't mistake him for another YC1 that flexes on Pedro and Jigra

The BMP are an absolute joke
You can't nitpick whatever
Even BM didn't do jack coz of plot.. Somehow you expect Smoothie to do something when plot is against her again?

No combat FEAT here.

Luffy fought top tiers too... Zoro did, Sabo,..
It means nothing, when pré fs Luffy can't beat Smoothie/Cracker without using g4 2 times.

Apoo, Jinbei fought top tiers too
Croco did the ssme

We should start rating all these dudes up coz they blocked/blew à top tier back... Doing no real damage.
Jozu did better vs admiral than Marco! The only thing that saves Marco is Regen.
He has average Haki, average close combat skills and average offensive stats.

Marco Jack > BM coz BM didn't fight top tier at WCI
You know the sad thing is that what happened to the BM pirates this chapter could only be the tip of the iceberg:feelscryingman:. Y'all just wait for the whatever plot device Oda pulls on Lilin...lolz....The fact that his delaying the BM pirates indicates that he's trying to take the BM pirates out of the plot for the time being and low and behold, Lilin has been struggling with her make up for ages now. Maybe she has a mental breakdown and regresses back to O-Lin:catcry::catcry::catcry:
Don't do this Topi.

You're bringing up some bad memories man. Brandish was so hype on introduction.
this brings back nightmares. why did remind me the dark past. i lost faith in humanity in the arc that shall not be named. and it was also the 1st time i dropped a series. trust me i have read far far worse series. shits ppl wont even read even if u give them a million dollar but i never dropped them till this series that i wont name:josad::josad:
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