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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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The torture caused him trauma, the smile forcing him to laugh into something he hates caused him trauma. Mental collapse. Haki is related to willlpower, the man was broken. So he was nerfed. And also, and this is an excuse you guys just looove to use, he didnt have his weapons with him.
No person i disagree with its confirmed hewas fighting to save kidd his best friend from childhood so he would never be more motivated.
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panel of his torture
before fighting zoro
he only had bandages around his face and arms
bandages came off in water
his face was fine.
keep pushing this mental health narrative tho. one that was never touched on in the story or mentioned at all. when hawkins talked about it , it implied he basically worked under orochi to free his captain. :goatasure:
Queen just said after seeing killer come in that he was in orochis hands before and that he is nasty and he was wondering how many things he did to fuck him up, kidd asking killer what happened to him and killer tearing up.Read between the lines bro.
Those two things arent exlusive by the way.
There's no machine that has cut a mountain.

Until a machine has a mountain level motor bps then no, killer's little motors DO NOT cut mountains
Answer my question and dont change subject, a pacifista was enough to fuck up zoro pre skip. Do you think that there is no such machine in post skip that can deal with zoro the same way or atleast be a big hindrance post skip against a high tier like zoro? Is he a special person?
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