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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Who's who: Let them be, they are just a few rats. More important, find Yamato and report it to me. We will earn more achievements with that. Don't let Sasaki go ahead(TL: I don't know if this would be gramatically correct, but basically he's saying to not let Sasaki find Yamato first)

So Sasaki and Who´Who hyped up as the most of the flyers as we know from the last chapters.
Important info that Who´Who want to kill someone also, probably Queen.
Overall it would be funny to see how the flyers search for Yamato, they gonna join the party later.

Why the numbers can´t became a flyer?
Probably because they didn´t have zoans?
panel of his torture
before fighting zoro
he only had bandages around his face and arms
bandages came off in water
his face was fine.
keep pushing this mental health narrative tho. one that was never touched on in the story or mentioned at all. when hawkins talked about it , it implied he basically worked under orochi to free his captain. :goatasure:
To many fans are following to many headcanon ideas, maybe a break would be good :cheers:
Wait what? When did that happen, i honeestly forgot?

Using a Scythe doesnt mean he was using it at 100% efficiency the same way he would his swords.
Where is it said Killer was any weaker with them? Who's to say he's not equally good with a scythe and his blades?

I don't see why Orochi would make Killer 2.0 use Scythes over blades if he's more weaker with them. Orochi made Killer his goon/soldier. Of course he'd prefer him at his best strength.
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