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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Apoo: Do you think that even if we joined forces we would have crushed one of the 'Yonkous'? Look at reality!!
First of all, a pirate alliance can't get a happy ending!! Appappa, i thought you were killed already!!

Kid: Ugh!!

Well well looks like Apoo gonna betray the Yonkos when they start to lose..... K

Apoo: Right, Kid?

Kid: (Smile) Trash

Yes, that's what Apoo is.

Fodders: Queen-san, capturing them 'alive' is difficult!

Queen: You can kill them!

Join the battle you funky bastard
safe to say this nerf is an intepretation of the story from you because your premise relies on a torture thats never mentioned in the story.
in udon he literally left with kid and his demeanor was fine . he still is the same killer laughing crazy and all. ofc you cant see the weird smiley face with a mask on. suddenly you bring up a mental health nerf that was at no point mentioned in the story . am just tired on going back and forth with your headcanons
@ me when you have panels.
show me panels of him being during the prison, show me panels of him not getting tortured, they mentioned orochis nastyness, queen brought up that he mustve did bad shit to him, killer was tearing up when kidd was asking him what they did. But there is one thing you forget buddy, stuff that needs nuance and reading under the lines is there.

But oda will never show actual torture, it is still a manga aimed towards kids.

So yours is as much headcanon as mine, you are saying those did nothing with nothing to back it up but killer talking now and having a normalish demeanor, but that could be explained easily by the fact that many days have passed and he had the time to calm down and his crew had the time to help him heal a bit.
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