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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Luffy was already above King when he entered Wano.

The fact that Big mom needed to use Haki combined with her devil fruit and her bodweight to block a normal Kong Gun from Whole Cake Island Boundman(without advanced Observation and Armament Haki and seastone physical trainning) with her Arm still shaking.

Big Mom without Haki and Devil fruit + memories destroyed Queen in 3 hits. Let that sink in.
How do you know luffy is necessarily above King? Has King done anything powerlevel wise to declare that luffy in Wci is necessarily above him?
For all we know, king may be able to give kaido mid diff..
I'm just tired of people putting caps on People strength before said character proves his/her worth.
Luffy can be stronger than king but that is in no way guaranteed as people seem to be thinking.
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