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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Seems like another really fun chapter. So glad things are picking up.

-The supernova trio are great together. Liking Kid more and more
-Apoo's hype is maintained and isn't just a throwaway single hype chapter
-They actually have a squad setting out to rescue Momo instead of just pretending that the kidnapping of the most important figure of the entire conflict was some minor annoyance
-Who's Who is getting more and more interesting. Not just an impulsive battle seeker. He knows what he wants and is set on achieving that. Wanna see where the cat theme goes too and how it relates to his design and powers. Already prefer him to both King and Queen, (which isn't saying a lot, but eh)
-Onigashima continues to look amazing
-Marco doing everyone a favour and blocking the memes from entering

Looking forward to the chapter in full
The BMP are an absolute Joke, lol.
There's no need to sugarcoat these events for them.

They're an absolute embarrassment to what's supposed to be the heavy hitters of an Emperor crew. Don't even try to do as much as to defend themselves. At this point, not even Oda takes them serious, so why should i?

Big mom will be abused as a plot device to weaken Kaidou, this chapter even connects chopper with Meme again.
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