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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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I'm still "shocked" by the fact that the BP are not taking this seriously.....Luffy Zoro Kidd together are basically the main and most dangerous threat the alliance can provide,yet the higher ups are just there enjoying the show....Who's who is just not giving any fuck and Queen instead of joining the fight is trolling around.....even if they know currently something is going on they are still thinking that this is just an usual day an nothing will change their plans for the fire festival..... these guys are hopeless
I can't blame Who's Who for not doing anything as his main goal is to find Yamato, Queen on the other hand should have definitely joined the fight but I guess since he made a promise to the headliners he doesn't want to do that.
The Numbers are more like the Beast Pirates version of the Navy Giant Squad than leading commanders of the Beast Pirates, unlike the Calamities and the Flying Six. They are good at smashing smaller and weaker adversaries but are clearly not intelligent enough or too drunk or both to lead the Waiters, Pleasures, Gifters and Headliners.
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It doesn't make the slightest chance that Big Mom pirates needed over a week to climb the water fall
Sadly a lot of plot points don't make sense in One Piece.
I think they are no strong enough, won't even surprise if one of them getting one shotted by Luffy in this current chaos tbh.

General Franky and Monster Chopper might get the numbers in the final war
In the past they were easily toying with Scabbards during their run after Oden’s Death. So the possibility of them being one shotted is really slim. If we’re going by card game rules we should have 9 numbers (2-10). General Franky and Monster Chopper could be a good fight for them but who fights the rest..
This chapter is fun and amusing

Kidd in one blow did more damage to Apoo than Apoo did to him
Apoo is certified mid high tier
Queen is still the best calamity personality wise
WhoWho is confident
Marco AP is still g3 tier
Oda keeping BMP away for a while
Pero has a beef with King.... Perhaps since ages ago
Kidd Tanked the attacks better than Luffy and Zoro did.
BM lol
Too bad Kidd cheap shotted him while Apoo didn't

If Zoro cheap shotted Apoo, Apoo would be knocked out
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