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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Black blades are markedly different from adding armament. Zoro adding Koka is the first step to making an actual black blade. Not that his swords actually became Black from koka

Mihawk said any blade can become a black blade in reference to his black blade. Same as Tenguyama saying Zoro can make enma black. In fact Tenguyama says making a blade black increases it's rank so Unless you believe Zoro increases his swords to supreme grade every time he adds Koka, then Tenguyama and Mihawk are talking about other things

In fact Zoro even alludes to this. When Gyukimaru starts talking about black blades, Zoro gets surprised and asks what Gyukimaru is talking about with the whole "Ryuma forged his sword black"

Why would Zoro who knows Koka be asking about how black blades are made if he knows about it already
What do you mean? Of course adding Koka to any kind of weapon ups it's quality. What's harder to break, Vergo's bamboo rod when it's just bamboo, or Vergo's bamboo rod when it's coated in Koka? Mihawk was explicitly talking about Koka in that scene in reference to the black blade, as the scene literally comes right after Zoro uses Koka for the first time.

Unless you think Oda for some inexplicable reason decided to drop some random scene about Black Blades out of the blue, completely out of context to the events that just transpired.


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I need to watch Prince of Tennis in the future.

For now, I'm enjoying Act II of DnA.

Damn I wish there is a manga like Haikyuu, Slam Dunk or DnA about Soccer :/

The closest thing I can think of when it comes to anime is Galactic Football damn that cartoon was so f'ing good.
Golden days of Jetix f**c Disney XD.
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Popped in to say that Apoo would clap Shanks since Shanks cannot cover both of his ears.
B.D.A Law I see.
Good, my Nakama very good.
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