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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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You have no indication that Ulti is as strong as the rest of the tobi Roppo and that she's of any considerable strength to Calamities.
The flying six are all around same level, Who's Who wouldn't ask them who will replace Queen if the gap was Big, and yes I do believe that there's a gap between the flying six but again the gap is smole and they all are araund the same level. If you think that that Big of a spark can be created by CoA then good for you, let's wait and see who is right.
If we put a biological appearance, so yes. He might appear not to be oden-toki's son.

Dont tell me Kaido - Big Mom already did that. :pepestrike:
I'm just saying since Yamato's hair is "white" in grey scale, it's not "Black" like Odens hair or "Black/Blue" like Momo's or "Blue-green" like Hiyori's because they all have "black" hair in greyscale. Not sure what Toki's hair color is but I assume it's blue/green.

I say BM is a possiblity to be his mom because his hair could be possibly pink lol, as it appears on white in greyscale. But it could also be blonde, silver, etc.
I said koka is the first step in making an actual black blade. That's why Mihawk tells Zoro to learn koka.

Again, Zoro is surprised at what Gyukimaru says and tries to ask him what he's talking about. So once again, why is Zoro asking about how black blades are made if he knows?
Also rayleigh has specifically said haki is invisible.
In the context in which Mihawk is speaking, he is saying any weapon can become a "Black Blade" by infusing Koka into it, thus turning the weapon black for a brief period of time. That's what he was teaching Zoro how to do, and why Zoro has no concept of how to actually turn a Sword into a full blown black blade, because Mihawk didn't teach him that. You're argument works against you here, because if Mihawk was indeed talking about making an actual black blade like his own, then Zoro would have had knowledge about how to do so, way before he reached Wano. Mihawk only taught him how to apply Koka to his blade, thus making it a temporary black blade.
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