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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Saying Ulti and P1 are too weak then you also admit Drake is Top weak coz he was grouped with P1 and he couldn't do much to base sanji. He even needed zoan form to beat Scoth and Caribou something base Pekoms does easily.

People overrated Drake, his AP and skills aren't above Daifuku and Peekoms
Yamato would oneshot him or any Flyer.

Just give it up,

Even Luffy would need G2 or g3 to one-shot a flyer /Vet, BTW he can't one-shot Oven unless he goewhose endurance is above Katakuri. Yamato AP is above g3 luffy. G4 tier

Ulti is a goner... Oneshotted
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