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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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If Perospero was able of crossing the waterfall with his candy he certainely had the means of doing it from the start and of using his power to allow the Queen Mama Chanter of entering Wano too and that just after the first attempt of crossing that was foiled by King.

Oda is just being too convenient in his writing again.
I'm sure, worst case scenario, he can make his staircase from the bottom of the waterfall to the top then remake his Candy Slug to ferry everyone to Onigashima. Perospero's being nerfed by the plot, I guess. I have no idea why he's on a solo mission, but it's promising. It means he'll get special attention.
Nah she had him pin down that why and page one didnt get seemingly get one shot
thats just a panel? why would luffy wont be able to slam her? its a fight of course both gets their share amount of hits. What matters is shes obviously brushed it off and fight again till the last moment when Ulti had Luffy on her palms, Luffy was about to activate G4 but Yamato came last minute.
Glad to see more pics before going to sleep

Is that really kings haki with the black lightning, I don't think it is.

Luffy actually used a gear 3 attack on page one but just uses base form against ulti. But Luffy was also going to use gear 4 on Ulti before Yamato attacked her?

Damn Yamato is actually massive and seems like Ulti might have been knocked out at the end which kinda resemble Kaido's attack on Luffy
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