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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Yeah I can see why Kid and Zoro are having trouble.

Its one thing if 5-10 Gifters are fighting them. But if swarms of a total of 500 keep spamming themselves to them its a whole new deal.

I really have no idea how they're getting out of this one. I don't see it as a simple "we just defeated all of them!". Someone's gonna come in and save them I suppose.
Zoro and Kid will use conqueror's haki together at the same time and knock out everyone in the vicinity.
They will attempt to save Momonosuke, but King and Queen will intervene.
Zoro vs King.
Kid vs Queen.

Fallen Prince

Looks like Kaido was raising his son to be like samurai . Did kaido aspire his son to be like oden at one point of time and he is not at his expectation.

It makes sense Yamato is running away because kaido overtrains him to a limit and Yamato is probably pacifist by nature seems like plot could be interesting .
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