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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Pepebusi Spammer
Looks like Kaido was raising his son to be like samurai . Did kaido aspire his son to be like oden at one point of time and he is not at his expectation.

It makes sense Yamato is running away because kaido overtrains him to a limit and Yamato is probably pacifist by nature seems like plot could be interesting .
Its like i said, for me Kaido might trained "his son, Yamato" to be strong as oden as a sign of respect toward Oden.

Fallen Prince

Another thing it makes sense separating luffy away from the ongoing chaos , Yamato might play important role helping him to navigate the onigashima also the historic nature of this island . There is too much into this plot and we are really far away from actual war.

If Yamato allies with luffy that could boast up the alliance and i am pretty sure he has loyalist with him . Yet the plot pretty much shows he is improtant for crucial big mom - kaido alliance party .
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