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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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"G3 level kick" they say, but Luffy wasn't knocked out by that "G3 level kick" I say and that's now downplaying?
Perhaps you guys are overhyping Sanji
Katakuri literally hit Luffy with a stronger copy of his gear 3 attack and Luffy wasn’t knocked out. Perhaps Luffy is just insanely durable against blunt attacks like he has always been.
Ennies lobby was different in that the Strawhats had no strong allies on their side who could combat those strong people. Look at Dressrosa and Punk Hazard for example, where allies actually defeat some of the top antagonists in the arc. This is a war, typically arc outlines may not apply here.
These strong allies (Kid, Marco, Law, Scabbards and arguably Yamato) will have their hands full with Kaido and Linlin already
Post training Luffy getting overpowered by ulti and saying "oh know", going into gear 4, ulti is low high tier lvl for sure
I keep telling ya all that advcoa is not this grand attack power powerup, its armor pen. Doesnt add too much damage to your already preexisting physical power with haki, just allows you to hurt targets you otherwise couldnt.

If you can already hurt targets then there shouldnt be much of a difference between using it or not.
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