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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Fallen Prince

Few things oda is separating powerful characters for time being so that other top tier can take the shine .

With Big mom being away chasing Ussop and chopper , luffy with yamato . Kidd , zoro , Jinbei and sanji will take spotlight . Luffy seperating from crew indicates to me he will be out of action for a while and what will yamato do with him is to be seen.
wdym not his overall haki
sentomaru mentioned his growth in haki after punching the pacifista
we see his growth in armament haki when he can punch the tree without touching it
what are you on?
and rayleigh statement was haki blooms in extreme circumstances.
Yeah cause he learned haki?
Thats a technique man, the one he just learned.Did you just skim through my post? A technique or application of haki is not growing your haki, its just using it a different way. Instead of busting that tree with that punch he busted the other side, has nothing to do with increased haki power but just learning that armor pen coa.

Yep, extreme circumstances isnt training by punching doors and trees. Clearly refers to battles, especially in the context we see it brought up. While fighting katakuri in a life or death battle.


MD Zolo

Ya, even though he was fine right after the attack. Stop with the damage control LMFAO
Page one tank G3 like nun lol stop being bias
I don't see it. I see Page1 getting hit and then Ulti pinning Luffy down.

In any case, I wasn't even thinking about Sanji when I made that comment. Stop thinking everything is about Sanji.
I always fart things out of my mouth like
"mentally disabled
tortured killer"
the irony in this is amazing. still have not found me that panel.
Im just gonna keep my mouth shut on that one, if it ever gets brought up. Then ill know how shortsighted you are mate. And there is a difference between speculation and the manga litteraly telling us from rayleigh( a haki master) that getting stronger haki is through extreme circumstances. But keep on being you bro.
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