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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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I also wonder why Luffy didn't use KKG against Kata in his first chance because it won't work, same way awakening wont work against Snakeman
Awakening works vs Snakeman
Kata just needs to keep distance.
Kata could Bury Luffy again and have him waste time eating mochi.

Anyway, so much for Luffy can one-shot Vets/Flyers
Or beat Jack/Cracker without g4 now.

And Doffy is really a weakling.
@Emperor Nami , @Jo_Ndule @Buusatan94 @Sentinel @Kejon @SHIHI

For me it looks like Perospero really have awakening too, do you guys remember my post about Pero having awakening? Im now even more sure that he having it.

That clash looks insane, almost remind me a CoC clash between two strong characters, Oda should just potrayal every strong woman character like this, I hope so much that Smoothie and Compote get the same threatment too.

Holy SHIT!!!! Luffy was so much in trouble that he need G4 against Ulti, he even said that Ulti was to strong.
I hope the last one finally understand that a mid-low strawhat member don´t have any chance in a 1on1 fight?
These guys are easily on Doflamingo lvl(sry Sanjikun but this is the pure reality) when current Luffy who is leagues above his Dressrosa version, admitted that Ulti is too strong so he need G4. Luffy strenght improved a lot yet he was for sure in trouble.

People laugh against Pageone and at most about Ulti, yet she show really insane good feats and make it clear why Oda hyping up the flyers, she probably even have CoC(we need a confirmation) and at most she didn´t get fodderized by Luffy, what happen to the people who call them fodder 6? These guys aren´t joke and I hope the last one finally understand it, Oda make it very clear from the last chapters and we finally know now why Kaido believe in the flyers(probably he though they catch Yamato in team) and even want to show them to Linlin, they aren´t just veterans they are in-between that lvl:

Yonkou Commander Lvl:

Flyer Lvl Characters:
YC3.5-YC4Lvl(Ulti/Perospero/Snack/other flyers,Ashura,Inurashi,probably Judge)

Veteran Lvl Characters:
Oven,Daifuku,Compote,Ichiji,probably numbers(?),other Vinsmoke and many other characters.

I would place them in that rank, it make now sense why Kaido was proud to show the flyers to Linlin, he had multiple new member who pose YClvl which make his crew even far stronger. Be honest I could see Pero or Snack perform such feats too, but not the other Vets or Ichiji(Vinsmokes), the gap between Vets lvl character to YC lvl character is too large while the Flyers are almost strong as YC...
Of course all my own opinion but this new chapter make it even more clear when Luffy said Ulti was soo strong that he need G4 to beat her similar as against Doffy, with the only different that the current Luffy is even far stronger.

MY BOY USING THE SAME Technique as his father and perform a really insane feat, I feeling like @Jo_Ndule was right again.

Don´t worry, she will up soon.
Yes her eyes becoming white, but she didn´t transform back into her human form, she will most like come up soon again.
Be happy, your girl show really good feats^^
I really like your opinion
comment he made
the haki he used
it was advanced
your conclusion
advanced technique.
bye bro
clearly didnt read the distinction between only blooms in extreme circumstances and blooms in extreme circumstances. here's a hint , one does not absolve the benefit of training.
Yeah its advanced haki? Just like the barrier haki tehcnique would allow him to deflect. You really are trying to force something else man. Again, lets just agree to disagree. And i said that rayleigh brought up the way to get your haki stronger by fighting, he didnt mention anything else. Why is that?
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