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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Yeah its advanced haki? Just like the barrier haki tehcnique would allow him to deflect. You really are trying to force something else man. Again, lets just agree to disagree. And i said that rayleigh brought up the way to get your haki stronger by fighting, he didnt mention anything else. Why is that?
technically he stated coo and coa can be trained to be stronger
but coc does not.
Except it was brought up when luffy was fighting for his life against kat, thats how his haki grew stronger during the fight. Its really funny to see people try to find new definitions and do mental gymnastics to define extreme circumstances. How is thinking that he needs to beat kaido an extreme circumstances? Come on now. Just give it up already.

His actual haki growth will happen when we get into fights with tougher opponents during the war, for now its basically the same as the one at the begining of wano with now the added armor pen technique to hurt kaido.
there is no new definition. and what does it matter when it was brought up...he learnt FS not adCoA at that time....anyways it is okay.... don't cry later and trashtalk oda even if he damages Kaido with the haki he learnt in Udon...
let it go dawg. Sanji is far away from where Zoro and Kidd are. You want sanji to be relevant so bad when Oda is clearly portraying Zoro to be on the same level as Luffy and Kidd. Kidd is fighting Queen, Zoro is fighting King.
Reading 2 piece i see
The only people oda has portrayed in the same class as luffy for over 300 chapters now are law and kidd...
Lmao on kidd fighting queen...he is fighting kaido together with luffy and law..that much has been forshadowed since kaidos fall on kids base
Man, i just like how determined Perospero is to go solo for Onigashima while talking shit about their alliance with the beasts even though Kaido and his entire crew are present on the island, we have to give him credit for that.

He's like: fuck this waterfall, fuck the alliance and most certainly fuck Wano arc :madmonk:
I too would love it if we would throw the dumpster fire that is wano into the ocean and forget it ever happened.
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