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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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I'm not sure but the way Luffy want to use Gear 4 against Ulti might be an indication if he had a better control of his Gear 4 now.

So, lets say if before Udon-training he can use Gear 4 for just 10 minutes, after the training he might can do a Gear 4 for 20+ minutes.
He could always use Gear 4 for 20+ minutes in Dressrossa. In WCI he used it for 32 minutes timestamped by the story itself.
there is no new definition. and what does it matter when it was brought up...he learnt FS not adCoA at that time....anyways it is okay.... don't cry later and trashtalk oda even if he damages Kaido with the haki he learnt in Udon...
???? When did i say he wasnt going to damage kaido? Nor actually win in the end?

Jesus christ, when nothing else works you resort to flaming/trash talking me about something i never said? The fact that lanji actually liked this garbage post is sad.
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