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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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For Yamato wankers that kept spewing bullshit Yamato > King because he apparently defeated a distracted Flying Six with a named attack

Where were you guys when King almost killed a Yonko without any named attack? When King was too fast for all of a Yonko, her YC2 and her strongest Veteran (any of the 3 is above Ulti / Page One) to react and do anything despite already seeing him flying from afar?
Some people are shocked that Luffy need G4 for beating Ulti? Is this really surprising, he didn´t use yet advanced CoA(probably save it for Kaido) but he still need to fight with all power, this isn´t a childplay anymore the enemies are very strong as Zoro said in last chapters.
It seems like we need for the weekend a new battle thread: Doffy vs Flyers incoming
Not open for further replies.