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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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???? When did i say he wasnt going to damage kaido? Nor actually win in the end?

Jesus christ, when nothing else works you resort to flaming/trash talking me about something i never said? The fact that lanji actually liked this garbage post is sad.
phew.....I am talking about "Luffy hurting Kaido" before "blooming" i.e. whatever he had with Udon version of haki.....there is no flame bait....in the first place, it is your fault if you think "extreme circumstances" meant fighting is the only way....besides, why do you think FS/adCoA needs the same way of "blooming" ......
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Shura... That's why I was hesitating to ask if you were Shura

Welcome back
Thanks Jo-san
Powerlevels are weird af. Luffy needs g4 for Ulti, Yamato just one shots her...okay
Luffy also needed G4 for Beast Pirates' ship. Powerlevel is comedy at this point, hence most of the battles are off panneled right now to cover the trash powerscaling.

Imo Oda just wants to deliver the message this week, that Yamato is strong and above the Flying 6. That makes him ~ Jack level.
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