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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Better not see anyone claiming weak trio and mid trio vs any of the F6.
Yeah they get wrecked very hard, but it was already clear when Franky&Usopp shit in their pants when they see Pageone power.
Luffy so casual about going G4 can only mean one thing... :steef:
Yeah feel the same, he casually use G4 now and im sure he have something else for Kaido.
Remember a certain user that said the mid trio and weak trio would fight against the Tobi Roppo.:mihanha:
Result would be the same as what we see when Pero fight against Chopper+Brook.

@playa4321, I'm eating Ulti as upper low Low high tier. Definitely above Drake and P1 until further notice
Ulti perform open up me the question where we could place Doffy/Inu/Ashura lvl character with the Flyer lvl characters?
idk why is everyone bitching about Page One?
Luffy used G3+G2+Haki to hit P1
Sanji only used 3 basic kicks, people forget that Raid Suit doesn't add strength. Sanji's basic kicks in RS are = to Base Sanji basic kicks

Plus, I'm pretty sure P1 and Ulti aren't down... They will probably get up fine next chapter
Luffy only used Gear 3+ Basic Koka on Page 1. Luffy needed that to take out Monster Point Chopper.
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