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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Ah so it was her strong Headbutt attack which see perform already in base form, great feat.
In her zoanform her headbutt attack must be even far stronger.
that panel was the aftermath of the headbutt clash, and Ulti was the one standing, so Luffy must be thrown from that impact.

in the headclash panel, there's an onomatopoeic word メキメキ (mekimeki) which is used when indicating a clash/creaking happening
Has Nami actually tamed Prometheus?! At this point, Oda should just kill BM and give her fruit to Nami. That should raise Nami's status by a lot.

Not that it matters. Nami always takes on people far above her weight class. Somehow Oda will find a way to make Nami beat Ulti.
No she hasn't, Prometheus is calling out for Big Mom while Nami and the others are running away from him.
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