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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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(note: it may not be 100% accurate and photo quality is quite bad so hard to read... but that's the gist of it)
Inside castle, Zoro-side
Z: "ha.. ha.. even tho i keep advancing (there are more) DF users...!!
Tall guy with horns: "kuku we're called "Gifters"!!
Guy on the right: "(we're) almost 500 persons!? kakaka!!!"
Girl on the left: "What did you come for? You can relax if you follow(serve for) Kaido-san♡
We also aim long time ago at "The Pirate King"!

(2nd image)
Guy on the right : "Take your ease!!
Guy in the middle : "You can still go back!!"
Girl on the left: "Everyone should follow Kaido-sama!!

Props to @djiayebee
Damn that chick wants Zoro badly
The members of the alliance are being jobbing hard from Luffy using G4 against a ship and G3 + Coa on a Waiter, him and the other supernovas being unable of dealing with a ship with long range weapon, him being knocked out even shortly by Apoo's attack despite having tanked far worse or Zoro struggling against Gifters and now this.
He was underwater honestly,
Even though i think luffy would have no diff hody,oda wanted to use this fight to show us the new attacks and luffy's haki
And luffy's the MC,oda wants to create tension when he faces a villain :kayneshrug:
If you want to use tension" then I can say he was doing that with the Ulti thing so...

Luffy used gear second off rip to fight hody on land and still wasn't beating him and that was before hody took even more steroids... So again luffy didn't use gear second on Ulti so we have no idea how she would've managed

As it stands, base Luffy isn't That strong when put against actual strong people.

The one surprising thing is that gear third made page one bleed yet raid suit Sanji couldn't.


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Luffy who was planning on going Gear 4 against Ulti does make Ulti very impressive, however it's still unknown if Ulti could even handle Gear 4.

Also Luffy is using Gear 4 more casually now, don't forget he went Gear 4 on a bunch of Beasts Pirate fodders on a ship.
That means him using gear fourth on Ulti isn't some big indicator that she's actually that strong. Maybe he just wanted to one shot her. Or maybe just gear fourth doesn't mean much.

It's not a big deal anymore
Luffy couldn't low diff Hody Jones in base. Anyone stronger than Hody requires gear fourth

Gear fourth is basically gear second now. It's no longer impressive to push luffy to gear fourth
Nah, Luffy straight up said: "I've no choice, Gear 4". This wasn't Luffy flexing, this was Luffy acknowledging that he had no other resort to beat Ulti other than G4.

Luffy even specifically hyped up Luffy's strength before that: "Such strong power!!". From a portrayal standpoint, it places Ulti above G2 and G3 Luffy.

Like however you dice it, Oda basically had Luffy tell us that he can't beat Ulti without G4.

I'm sorry @Veku, but G2 and G3 Luffy even after improving his base stats, learning FS and two advanced forms of COA can't beat Ulti.

dude he didn't use adCoA only....he is using FS....
I didn't say Luffy used ACOA. I'm saying that Luffy told us he can't beat Ulti without G4 (even after he has learned ACOA).

Nice try, it only proves Luffy can't handle flyers without needing g3 or g4 to win easily
Nah, as I explained above, Luffy admitted that he can't beat Ulti without G4. This is a much stronger Luffy than the Luffy Cracker faced. He has upgraded his base stats, vastly improved his COO and vastly improved his COA. Despite all those improvements, he still needs G4 to fight Ulti.

Ulti ~ Cracker.


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Thanks. So looks like Zoro, Luffy and Kidd are all split up now.
so it seems, as well as Sanji on his own looking for prostitutes + Girls group being followed by Mama and heading to the live plaza + Chopper & Usopp in the tank + Franky & Brook and Robin & Jinbei, wherever the hell they are
Luffy can go teo to teo with Zoan user who also uses Rokushiki and life return thecnique,

Luffy can lift giant golden ball and use it with one arm,

Luffy can destroy two buildings with just his physical strength

Luffy can physically much Don Chinjao
Luffy can physically compete even against Minks

but Luffy needs gear 4th to get out of Ulti's grip

The inconsistency is insane, did Oda lost his mind? Why I'm even asking, we all know the answer😔.
Maybe she's STRONG...
Luffy was distracted when Ulti pinned him down, sure we can say her Physical strength is above base luffy, but she isn't stronger than G2/G3 luffy, even without adv haki and FS, let's not forget he blitzed the shit out of her the moment he decided to be a bit more serious
What a good chapter 10/10 already
page 1 tanking gear 3
Zoro the +yc1 who would beat page 1 and Vergo barehanded is having a hard time against fodders :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Kidd who is a yc1 and Coc user and has the same portrayal like luffy bla bla .........
( Ndule imagination ) with Killer's help is panting against those fodders despite using their fighting style while Zoro is handling them in nitoryo single-handedly
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