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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Do not insult your fellow members
Lol stop thinking Zoro fanboys know about PL

Enma Zoro isn't above Jack even.
Zoro can not beat cacao army or enraged army
Zoro was never gonna beat or fight Kaido and even impress him
Bet Your avatar on Zoro not fighting Kaido. Matter fact bet you will deactivate your account.
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If you want to use tension" then I can say he was doing that with the Ulti thing so...

Luffy used gear second off rip to fight hody on land and still wasn't beating him and that was before hody took even more steroids... So again luffy didn't use gear second on Ulti so we have no idea how she would've managed
Oda had to find a way to get Yamato involved and wanted to hype him at the same time, and nothing better than seeing yamato one shot ulti when luffy had a hard time,oda just wants to hype him :goyea:

As it stands, base Luffy isn't That strong when put against actual strong people.
Exactly, which is why I said base luffy can't low diff ulti as some people say :ultimoji:
Well that segment with Gazelleman was already ridiculous in itself given how Luffy and Zoro didn't even notice him in time and that Luffy didn't use G2 to easely catch up with him, beat him and save Tama.
Oda is trying to say that these aren't nameless marine type fodder. They are fodder but not like that

These guys are like low tier vice admiral level. By this I mean they are on the level of those nameless vice admirals who were following Fujitora around in dressrosa and had armament haki to stop the bird cage
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