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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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The damage control for Luffy, lmao, hahah

Your Top Tier Luffy saw himself forced to activate Gear 4 against Ulti. Didn't the thread that supposedly wanted to establish Luffy as a Top Tier say that Gear 2/3 + FS + Advanced CoA Luffy is > YC1?

That dude is barely above YC1 level and goes high diff with the other YC1.
Yes G2/ G3 Luffy with Fs and Adv Coa is > YC1, which is why Oda is not letting Luffy use Advanced Haki at all during thus time.
You are going to cry BS when Luffy actaully uses it against Kaido, and kaido cannot hit him.

Just like when Luffy with Gear 2 and Gear 3 combined with Future sight and advance armament haki matches base kaido.
Hmm i am not going to cry BS because i know Luffy is trying to conserve energy right now and go after Kaido. Which is why Luffy ain't spamming G2 and other things. They keep running for that reason. Luffy,Kidd, Zoro, Luffy could destroy these guys if thry go all out, but their energy would be depleted.
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