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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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They are separated from each other ( Zoro's side / kidd's side ) each one will handle the headliners in front of him the main point is :
▪ Kidd is painting depite having killer's help while using their fighting style vs Zoro alone is handling headliners in front him in nitoryo
The people focusing on Kidd/Killer would be concentrated on Zoro.


Do people really think Luffy used Barrier or adcoa in this chapter ? He only used fs to dodge or counter.

G2/g3 luffy with adcoa is upper-Mid high tier. Without adcoa, he's just low high tier

He needs g4 to low/mid diff commanders who lack top tier haki or stats.

YEs his base form can't break out Ulti grip... Base Luffy doesn't have such physical strength to break out of Parasite or Ulti grip. Even his g4 couldn't break out mochi stickiness.
I'm a Zoro fanboy but the constant Sanji flaming is so darn cancerous and cringey.

There's no need to belittle characters because of an agenda. We know the agenda surrounds (Sanji vs Zoro).

People saying, "I wouldn't want to be a Sanji fan, Sanji is a simp, He's going after prostitutes to get laid, etc." Just stop.

Plus, his reasoning was so darn hilarious and meant to be lighthearted. You guys are acting as if Sanji does not have the alliance best interest in mind.

We know Oda is setting up Sanji by pulling him away from everyone else so that he can have his own moment. The fact that he has a stealth raid suit will be crucial soon.

Just as Zoro finds himself in the right place because of his lack of direction, and Luffy screws up plans because of his idiocy, so will Sanji with his interest in women. They each have quirks and bad logic sometimes but in the end, they're showing up.
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